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Years 2007 - 2009

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13.12.2009 Helsinki International Nordic Winner Dog Show

What a thrill Stronline's Kiss Kiss went BOB in Nordic Winner show!!!!
Huge hugs to Ansa and Lotta!

21.11.2009 Jyväskylä International Dog Show

Best dog-2, CC, VACA, Strongline´s Concord
Best bitch-2, Reserve CC, VACA Strongline´s Love Note

08.11.2009 Valkeala Group Show

Judge: Johan Juslin

Best dog-1, CC, BOS Strongline's Mr Bean
Well done Pekka in his first show as well Strongline's Ziquita Reserve CC in a same show!

19.-20.09.2009  Finlands tracking championship 2009

Final 20.09:
2nd Fin Ch, Fin&S&N Tr Ch Strongline´s Fuzzy  1/48
6rd Fin Tr Ch Strongline´s Hailstorm  1/45

Semifinal 19.09:
1st  Fin Tr Ch Stronglie´s Hailstorm  1/49
6rd Fin Ch, Fin&S&N Tr Ch Strongline´s Fuzzy 1/47

Concratulations Mirja Törnström, Lars Helenius, Eva-Maya Weurlander and Jessica Järviniemi and
Melli and Malena!!!


Fin Tr Ch Strongline´s Hailstorm  was awarded  as a best  tracking dog in Uusimaa province!!

Well done Eva-Maya Weurlander and  Malena!!!

23.08.2009 Heinola Group Show

Best dog-1, CC (2.nd), BOS Strongline´s Uzi

Best bitch-1, BOB, BOB-Veteran Fin & S Ch, Fin Ft Ch Strongline´s Piggywiggy

22.08.2009  Kouvola Dog Show Nat

We have a new champion: Fin Ch Strongline´s Ditty

judge: Vincent O'Brien Ireland

Best dog-2, Fin Ch Strongline´s Eenie Meenie

Best bitch-1, CC, BOB -> Fin Ch Strongline´s Ditty 
Best bitch-2, Fin&Lv Ch Strongline´s Kiss Kiss

We have a new champion: Italian Ch Strongline´s Italian Indeed

08.08.2009  Mäntyharju Group Show

Judge: Kirsi Nieminen

Best dog-1, CC, BOB Strongline´s Yahoo

Best bitch-1, CC, BOS, Strongline´s Ditty

05.07.2009  Field Trial , Leppävirta

Judge: Raija Viidanoja

1st prize in open class Fin Ch Strongline´s Easy Kiss

Exellent kerttu&co nad Good Luck to Winners class!!!

05.07.2009  Hyvinkää Dog Show,  Nat

Judge: Markku Santamäki

Best dog-2, RES-CC  Strongline´s Yahoo

Best bitch-1, CC, BOS  Strongline´s Ditty

04.07.2009  Tuusula

Judge: Murray Armstrong, GB

Best bitch-1, BOS Fin Ch  Strongline´s Quantanamera

27.06.2009  Hämeenlinna Dog Show, Nat

We have a new champion again!

Judge: Liliane de Ridder-Onghena, Belgia

Best bitch-1, CC-> Fin Ch, BOB Fin Ch  Strongline´s Quantanamera

14.06.2009  Field Trial , Liperi

Judge: Markku Bräyschy

3rd prize in beginners class Fin Ch Strongline´s Lennon

13.06.2009  Mikkeli Dog Show Nat

Judge: Leila Kärkäs

Best dog-1, BOS  Fin Ch Strongline´s Eenie Meenie


Fin Tr Ch Strongline´s Moneypenny´s latest success:

Qualited in field
1.prize in winners class in Tracking Test

31.05.2009  Iitti Group Show

Judge: Markku Santamäki

Best dog-2, RES-CC  Strongline´s Yahoo
Best bitch-2, RES-CC Strongline´s Quantanamera


Qualified in the field (NOU1):

Strongline´s Vanit Fair
Strongline´s Unreal
24.05.2009 Juuka Group Show

Best dog-1 BOB Fin CH Strongline´s Lennon


23.05.2009 Tampere Group Show

Best bitch-2, CC Strongline´s Flashback

21.05.2009  Vihtijärvi Golden Track 2009

Open class win with 48/50points: Strongline´s Cold Kiss
Winner class win with  50/50 points and Golden Track 2009 winner : Strongline´s Hailstorm

Congratulations Eva-Maya, Malena, Hanna and  Sara! That was a thrill! 

17.05.2009  Varkaus Group Show

Judge: Satu Ylä-Mononen

Best dog-3, RES-CC Strongline´s Concord
Best bitch-2, RES-CC Strongline´s Poodle

Thanks to my puppyowners who came to our kennelmeeting and Special thanks to all  trainers!
 Hope you enjoyed.

02.05.2009 Tohmajärvi Group Show
Judge: Leni  Finne
We have new champion:
Fin CH Strongline´s Lennon!

Best dog-1, CC, BOS Strongline´s Lennon
Best dog-2, RES-CC Strongline´s Kojak


25.04.2009 Lahti International Dog Show

Judge: Jukka Kuusisto

Best bitch-1, CC CACIB, BOB Strongline´s Love Note
Best bitch-3, RES-CACIB Strongline´s Yanis

Best Breeder group: Kennel  Strongline´s

And  Jeena Kantosalo was the 3.rd in Junior Handler!

19.10.2008 Working Test, Vantaa


FIN FT CH JW-05  Strongline´s Quickypiggy and Sari got  working test winners  class prize and were 3.rd in the test.
Congratulations, we are proud!

19.04.2009 Group Show Sipoo

best bitch-2, RES-CC Strongline´s Flashback
Judge: Matti Luoso
13.04.2009 Group Show Ruovesi

Judge: Kirsi Nieminen
best bitch-1, BOS Strongline´s Fuzzy


05.04.2009 Group Show Mäntsälä

Judge: Esko Nummijärvi,
28 labradors
best bitch-1, CC, BOB Strongline´s Quantanamera

best dog-1, CC, BOS Strongline´s Uzi


29.03.2009 Group Show Korpilahti

best bitch-3, RES-CC Strongline´s Lovenote
Judge: Harto Stokmari

FIN&LV CH Strongline´s Kiss Kiss was awarded as Labrador of the year 2008!

08.03.2009 Kuopio

best bitch-3, RES-CC Strongline´s Lollipop
best dog-2, RES-CC Strongline´s Silent Wish
Judge: Raija Tammeli

Strongline´s Uno and his friend Follies  Onomatopoetic have been models in todays Anna Kauneus -magazine´s Ralph Lauren -article. photos: Ari  Heinonen
15.02.2009 Tallinna, Int

best bitch-3, CC and Res-CACIB Strongline´s Vip.
Judge: Göran Bodegård, Sweden
24.01.2009 Turku, Int

Superhandler Jeena Kantosalo and Diona (Strongline´s One For Me) were the best in Junior handler 10-13 years old. Judge: Tino Pehar, Greece. We all are so proud again!! Congratulations!!

06.01.2009 Group Show, Ilomantsi

BOS & CC Strongline´s Lennon.  Judge: Elena Ruskovaara.

Year 2008 / Vuosi 2008

14.12.2008  "Finnish winner 2008" Helsinki

Jeena Kantosalo and Diona (Strongline´s One For Me) were the best in Junior handler  10-13 years old. Congratulations, we are so proud  of our super handler!

Strongline´s  had also  labradors best breeder group.

06.12.2008 Group Show, Tampere

FIN&LV CH Strongline´s Kiss Kiss was BOB and group 3.  Judge was Kirsi  Nieminen. Over 100 labradors entered the show
01.11.2008 Field Trial, Tammisaari

FIN&LV CH Strongline´s Kiss Kiss and Janne got winners class 2nd prize.
Well  done Ansa and Janne!!

                            photo: Kirsi Launomaa             


FIN&LV CH STrongline´s Kiss Kiss and Lotta got  working test winners  class prize and were 3.rd in the test.
Go our team, go!

12.10.2008  LRC´s Puppy  & Veteran Show, Kirkkonummi

We had a very nice day at Kirkkonummi.  


Class 1:                               Strongline´s Ziquita
Class 4:                               Strongline´s Prime Time

Veterans 7-10 years:         FIN & S CH FIN FT-CH Strongline's Piggywiggy  BIS-2 VET
Veterans over 10 years:    INT & FIN & S CH  Strongline's Knock On Wood

Best brace:                         Strongline´s Ziquita & Strongline´s Zara  

Many of our puppies were also placed in their classes.

the best brace in action.

 Thanks and congratulations to all puppy owners and handlers.

27.09.2008  Working test, Taipalsaari

Fin&Lv Ch Strongline´s Kiss Kiss and Lotta were the best in winner class !
Go, our team go !!!

14.09.2008 United Retriever Clubs Tracking Championships

Well done all the girls in united retriever clubs tracking championships.

Strongline´s girls were placed   
    2nd     Fin Ch, Fin&S&N Tr Ch Strongline´s Fuzzy
    5th      Fin Ch, Fin&S Tr Ch Strongline´s Titbit
    6th      Fin Ch, Fin Tr Ch Strongline´s Funky 

04.09.2008  Finnish Dog Breeders Club´s Match Show

BIS-1  Fin Ch Strongline´s Yanis

Judges: Hans Lehtinen, Kirsti Bremer
224 dogs  entered  the show.

Congratulations Jeena and Della !


We have a new Champion Fin Ch Strongline´s  April Joke. Congratulations Elena and Rocky!

23.08.2008  Club Show

 Fin & S Ch, Fin Ft Ch Strongline´s  Piggywiggy was the Best  Field Trial Labrador !
huraa puu!

16.08.2008  Kouvola Nat.
42 labradors, judge Leila Kärkäs

Strongline's Dinger BOB & CC, (Hyrräs 3. CC!)

FIN CH Strongline's Eenie Meenie BOS

BOB Breeders Group: kennel Strongline´s


We have a new, young Tracking Champion, Fin Tr Ch Strongline´s  Hailstorm. Congratulations to Malena, Eva-Maya and  Jessica!




what a thrill. Piggywiggy  went bob at  specialty  in sweden 5.7. And Strongline´s  Kiss Kiss got  reserve CC.  At breeders groups  we were  best  group in the breed 2 days  on the row.         



We have a new Champion Strongline's Easy Kiss Fin Ch and BOB


Strongline's Uno & Pauliina first prize from open class in Field Trial (cold game) in Sweden!!! What a thrill.


MEJÄ AVO-1 / First prize in tracking open class:
Strongline's Vega
Strongline's Flashback
Strongline's Dinger


We have a new Champion Strongline's Eenie Meenie, Strongline's Prime Time was BOB-puppy, not forgetting Strongline's Counch Potato went Best Male 3rd.


New Fin champion Strongline's Funky.


Training day for the youngsters went well hope you all enjoyed.


What a day at Pertunmaa 5.4. BOB and group 4 Strongline's Kiss Kiss, CC to Strongline's Dinger and her sister reserve CC, as well our breeders group went BIS.


Fin Ch Strongline's Kiss Kiss gained the title Labrador of the year 2007 which includes both show and field result!!! Well done girls Ansa & Lotta and thanks to Janne for good tips for the field work.


New Fin champion Strongline's Piece Of Jolly

24.02.2008 Lahti speciality
CH Strongline`s Kiss Kiss BIS-2

Not forgetting Strongline's Quantanamera reserve CC. Well done all and thanks for the help!!

Our breeder group went BIS!

Year 2007 / Vuosi 2007

28.10.2007 Lahti Int.

BOB Strongline's Yanis and BOS Strongline's Eenie Meenie and both CC's and CACIB's !!!


Congratulations Sari & Strongline's Quickypiggy on your latest success! Fin Ft Ch (gold game) ! Well done!

25.08.2007 Mikkeli speciality

BOB, BIG-2, CAC Strongline's Zipper

18.09.2007 Kouvola Nat.

Strongline's Easy Kiss BOS & CAC

Tracking news!

New Nordic Tracking Champion: Strongline's Fuzzy
New Nordic Tracking Champion: Strongline's Heaven Knows
New Swedish Tracking Champion: Strongline's Titbit

Thank You Mirja & Lusse!

08.07.2007 Juva Int.

BB-2 & CAC Strongline's Dinger

30.06.2007 Tuusula Nat.

BOS & CAC Strongline's Xina

24.06.2007 Rovaniemi Int.

BOB, CACIB, CAC Strongline's Quantanamera

Congratulations Saara, Hanna & Nanna!

01.04.2007 New Strongline Champions!

Strongline's Pretty Extra and Strongline's District finished their Finnish Champion titles today. Congratulations!

New Champion Strongline's District

New Champion Strongline's Pretty Extra


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