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Year 2012 / Vuosi 2012

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What a great day in our annual Labrador Club's Puppy & Veteran show - Strongline's Piggywiggy went again BIS-veteran and our little baby Strongline's Cupido went BIS-2nd!

BIS-veteran Strongline's Piggywiggy

BIS-2nd puppy Strongline's Cupido


Great news United Retriever club speciality; BIS-veteran Strongline's Piggywiggy and
Strongline's Breeders class BIS-4th and day after Strongline's Quilda get her first CC and CACIB in Turku International show!

At photo Strongline's Quilda in Turku-Int., photo by Oili Mattila.

What a wonderfull news - Strongline's Fuzzy won Finnish Tracking Championship
competition in all breeds so she is now Tracking Master 2012! Big hugs to
Melli & CO!



Strongline's Fuzzy won
United Retriever Club tracking competition with full 50 points



Strongline's Easy Kiss
went BOS in Hyvinkää Group show

We have new International Champion Strongline's Yo-Yo and in same show Strongline's Mamma Mia got Cacib too!

Our first Water Rescue Champion is Strongline's Red Pepper, well done owners and Chili !

We have a new Champion Strongline's One Night Stand got her last CC in Mäntyharju!

We have a new Tracking Champion Strongline's Aloha - well done Lola & Mirja!

New Tracking Champion Strongline's Kizmit



What a Day 11.8.2012

- At Lapua: BOB with CC Strongline's One Night Stand
- At Mikkeli: BOB Strongline's Kiss Kiss, Group 4th and BIS-veteran
- At Labrador Club Show:
BIS - Strongline's Mary-Rose
BIS Field Trial dog - Strongline's Mr Bean
BIS2 Field Trial dog - Strongline's Easy Kiss
BIS Veteran - Strongline's Piggywiggy



Mikkeli International dog show; BOB  & CC & CACIB-winner Strongline's Yuppy

We have new Tracking Champion Strongline's Kizmit and Strongline's Moneypenny become Dk Tracking Champion!

Scandinavien team tracking competion winner is team Finland and individual competition winner is Strongline's Fuzzy with maximum 50 points!

26.5.2012 Sysmä
Strongline's Tabloid Reserve CC-winner

Labrador Club's Golden Track Winner 2012 is Strongline's Fuzzy, well done Melli, Mirja ja Lusse!
Scores: Strongline's Fuzzy 50/50, Strongline's Hailstorm 49/50 and Strongline's Moneypenny 49/50

At photo Golden Track Winner Strongline's Fuzzy


13.5.2012 Tampere-Int.
Strongline's Quickypiggy BB-2nd with Res.CACIB

12.5.2012 Hamina-Int.
Strongline's Kiss Kiss BOB

5.5.2012 Jämsä
Strongline's Lucky Lips BOS and 3rd CC

22.4.2012 Inkeroinen
BOS Strongline's Lucky Lips with CC and finally Strongline's Yuppy got his first CC,
Strongline's Kiss Kiss went BOB-veteran and placed in BIS as well our breeder group went BIS

This time we have very sad news;
Strongline's Heaven Knows passed away 19.04.2012 - she will be missed so much!



8.4.2012 Lappeenranta
BOB and BOB-veteran Strongline's Kiss Kiss

Korpilahti 1.4.2012
BOB Strongline's Lucky Lips and BM-2nd Strongline's Yuppy with reserve CC

Strongline's Lucky Lips


Savitaipale group show 31.3.2012

What a sunny day BOS; Stronline's Kiss Kiss as well BOB-veteran, BB-2nd & CC and NEW CHAMPION; Strongline's Moneypenny, BB-3rd; Strongline's Lucky Lips Reserve CC her 5th and BB-4th; Strongline's Prime Time and Breeders class with honour prize - we were lucky today :)

New Champion Strongline's Moneypenny


Labrador Specialty
, 220 labradors entries - Strongline's Mary Rose BB-2


Labrador of the Year 2011 Strongline's Easy Kiss
following her mothers and grandmothers footsteps, Strongline's labradors has won this title now 8 times!! Also Top Winning Tracking Dog in Finland Year 2011 was Strongline's Fuzzy. So happy!!

Strongline's Easy Kiss at age of 6 weeks

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