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Year 2013 / Vuosi 2013

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Happy to announce that we have a new
** Labrador of The Year 2013 Strongline's Easy Kiss 3 rd time in a roll **
Warmest congratulations to Kerttu& Salla and trainer Jarmo!

It was 10 th time in last 11 years - Strongline's Heaven Knows, Strongline's Piggywiggy,
Strongline's Kiss Kiss, Strongline's Quickypiggy and Strongline's Easy Kiss -, when we gained this wonderfull title which includes both working abilities and good looks, biggest thanks goes to all their active owners!

As well we got a new
** Tracking labrador of the year when Strongline´s Fuzzy gained it 3 rd time **
Congratulations and big hugs to Melli & Lusse and Mirja!

Breeder is so proud of you all !


We have a new Finnish Veteran Winner 2013 Strongline's Kiss Kiss

8.12 Swedish winner show Strongline's Mary-Rose BB-4th and Reserve CC.

Yes - we do work too ...


Our first Obedience Champion saw a daylight - well done "Malena" Strongline's Hailstorm,
Jessica and Eva-Maya!!


Finnish tracking championship competition 2nd Strongline's Fuzzy and 7th Strongline's Moneypenny - so happy for excellent results!


14.9.13 Porvoo All Breed show Strongline's Vagabond CC-winner


Hunting season is on at the moment ...


Mäntyharju all breed show BOS & CC Strongline's Tick Tack (Zinfndel Brigham - Strongline's Prime Time)



We have a new Tracking Champion Strongline's Dinger

We have new Norwegian Tracking Champion - Strongline's Kizmit owned Emma Pirinen



10.8 Club Show
Some nice wins in Club Show - BIS-veteran Strongline's Well-Known, so happy for Kettunen and Päivi! Strongline's Prime Time won field trial class and several nice placements in other classes!


3.8 Turku all breed show
Strongline's Quilda BOS & CC and another new champion for this day, well done the owners and handlers!

3.8. Vesilahti
We have a new champion -  BOB and last CC Strongline's Xantamaria.

Pori International dog show
BOS CC CACIB - Strongline's Quilda

Regional Districk Winner 2013 in Field Trial (Gold Game) - Strongline's Easy Kiss
with owner & handler Salla - Huge congratulations to both!


Karjaa all breed show
Strongline's Xantamaria again BOB and another CC - one to go....



MIkkeli all breed show
BOB CC Strongline's Xantamaria, BOB-veteran Strongline's Piggywiggy and BOB-puppy Strongline's Goofy


What a day, day to remember for rest of my life Strongline´s Piggywiggy went BOB veteran, but as well BOB in our labrador specialty at the age of almost 13 years !!!!!!

And 150 labradors entered we are so happy and proud of our granny - she is just everything!

Thank you judges Jean-Louis Blais (Chablais) and Jan Grannemann (Janrod) for this lovely win!



9.5 Helsinki
BOS - Strongline's Easy Kiss

Cookie with her catch


We have new Champion Strongline's Yuppy got his last CC in Lahti International show

Photo by Risto Pihla

We are Happy to announce again that Stronglines´s Easy Kiss is Labrador of the
Year 2012
and Strongline´s Fuzzy is tracking labrador of the year 2012. Well
done you all!

Strongline's Easy Kiss Labrador of Years 2011 & 2012

Strongline's Fuzzy Tracking labrador of Year 2012. Photo by Mikko Ahti


20.1.2013 Group Show at Ilomantsi - Strongline's Cute Kiss BOB-puppy.



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