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Year 2014 / Vuosi 2014

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6. - 7.12.2014 What a nice results from Helsinki winner and Finnish winner shows!
First day Strongline's Cupido was BM-3rd and second day Strongline's Master Of Disaster got a JuniorWinner-14 title and ended up BM-4th and Strongline's Prett Extra got VeteranWinner-2014 title and finally BB-4th, we also had BOB-breeder group.



R I P  Fin & S Ch, Fin Ft Ch Strongline's Piggywiggy 20.9.2000 - 17.11.2014  
It was the hardest day ever - I needed to say goodbye to my dearest of all Pusu.
Have a safe journey and rest in peace my darling.


25.10.14 Labrador Club Puppy and Veteran show
Class winners Strongline's Make My Day, Strongline's Master of Disaster and Strongline's Quickypiggy and number of nice placements in other classes!

Strongline's Master Of Disaster Pic by
Marko Klapuri


21.9.14 Finnish Tracking Championship competition (all breeds) - 3rd place Strongline's Kitzmit
well done and congratulations to owners!

We have new Triple CH - Strongline's Quickypiggy finished her Tracking CH among
Field Trial (Cold game) and Show CH - congratulations to Hulda & Sari & especially Hanna who did the last title!

Hunting season is still on ...


31.8.2014 Tervakoski-Int.
BOS-puppy Strongline's Make A Deal, BOS & last CC and CACIB Strongline's Funky Beat - Congratulations Tahvo & CO!! Also BM-4th Strongline's In Beetween.

At pic Strongline's Funcky Beat


30.8.2014 Club Show
BIS-1 puppies Strongline's Master of Disaster and BIS-2 Strongline's Make My Day and nice class wins and placements!



24.8.2014 Heinola
BOS with CC Strongline's Hubba Bubba, BB-2nd Strongline's Ballade, BM-4th Strongline's In Beetween and BOS-puppy Strongline's Make A Deal also Breeders class win!

23.8. Kouvola
BOS with CC Strongline's Hubba Bubba, BM-3rd Strongline's Funky Beat and BOB-puppy Strongline's Money For Nothing!

23.8. Mäntyharju
BB-2nd with reserve CC Strongline's Lady Luck , BB-3rd Strongline's Ballade and BOB-puppy Strongline's Master Of Disaster also Breeders class win with honour prize!

We have a new champion Strongline's Cupido was qualifield in the field!

We had very succesfull show week with wonderfull results - the biggest win
was when Strongline's Mary-Rose went BEST IN SHOW over 600 retrievers in United Retrievers Clubs Speciality!

BOS-puppy Strongline's Master Of Disaster in United Retriever Club Specialty


Vesilahti under Satu Ylä-Mononen BOB with CC Strongline's French Kiss and BOS Strongline's Cupido with his 3rd CC

Strongline's French Kiss


Mäntsälä all breed show -  Strongline's Cupido got second CC under PekkaTeini



We have new Estonian Champion - Strongline's Xantamaria

Pori International - BOB & CACIB Strongline's Quilda


Inkeroinen Group show 7.6.2014
Strongline's Its A Kiss Reserve CC


Turku 31.5.2014 
Strongline's  Quilda BOB

Mikkeli 25.5.14  group show
Strongline's Funky Beat got his second CC!

Kouvola 4.5.14  group show
Strongline's Cupido and Strongline's Ballade both got CC´s!

Valkeala 1.3.14
We had a nice day in Valkeala Group show Strongline's Ballade was BB-2nd and got
Reserve CC
and Strongline's Cupido BM-4th with Reserve CC!

Laihia 22.2.14
Strongline's Funky Beat Best male & first CC & BOS
, well done Tahvo & CO!



Strongline's Piggywiggy
went BIS- veteran and BB-4th in Lab Specialty under Penny Carpanini
and Vanessa Malkmus at the age of 13.5 years, so happy for her :)


Happy to announce that we have a new
** Labrador of The Year 2013 Strongline's Easy Kiss 3 rd time in a roll **
Warmest congratulations to Kerttu& Salla and trainer Jarmo!

It was 10 th time in last 11 years - Strongline's Heaven Knows, Strongline's Piggywiggy,
Strongline's Kiss Kiss, Strongline's Quickypiggy and Strongline's Easy Kiss -, when we gained this wonderfull title which includes both working abilities and good looks, biggest thanks goes to all their active owners!

As well we got a new
** Tracking labrador of the year when Strongline´s Fuzzy gained it 3 rd time **
Congratulations and big hugs to Melli & Lusse and Mirja!

Breeder is so proud of you all !


Turku International dog show; BB-2nd with Reserve Cacib Strongline's Quilda


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