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Year 2015 / Vuosi 2015

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Great news! Quissy ent BOB in Göteborg International 8.1. and got CC and Yuppy got CC and reserve CACIB, making him Swedish CH!

NEWS FLASH! Strongline's Quissy, Peggy  gaines 3 new titles from Helsinki International shows 5-6.12.2015! So she is now Hejw-15, Jw-15 and W-15!

Strongline's Quissy was BIS-2nd in our Puppy show from over 100 lab pups - so happy!


Retriever Specialty in Hyvinkää my Peggy, Stronglines Quissy Best Of Breed and finally BIS-2nd at age of 10 months and 2nd best bitch Strongline's Mary-Rose - not a bad day !


We have a new Tracking Champion Strongline's Firefighter - well done Jiro and Arvo!
Some nice class wins in Club show with Stronglin's Mary-Rose and Strongline's Quissy

Strongline's Quissy

Strongline's Mary-Rose

23.8 Heinola
Strongline's Master of Disaster CC-winner and Strongline's Make My Day reserve-CC, Strongline's Quissy BOB-puppy and Strongline's Best Bredeers group
22.8 Kouvola
Strongline's Master of Disaster CC BOB and Strongline's Make My Day reserve-CC also Strongline's Quissy BOB-puppy
We have a new Tracking Champion Strongline's  Corn Flower
9.8.2015 Hyvinkää
BOS & CC Strongline's Make My Day and dog CC Strongline's Make A Deal

8.8.2015 Mäntyharju
BOB & CC Strongline's Make My Day
26.7.2015 Mikkeli International
We have a new champion Strongline's Ballade went BOS & CC & Cacib

11.7.2015 Laukaa
BOS Strongline's Hubba Bubba and last CC now she only needs the field qualification to become a champion.
What a specialty in Kuopio 4.7.15
Strongline's Master Of Disaster BOB with CC
under Marion Hopkinson, Strongline's Quissy won baby class, Strongline's Kissy was second in puppy class and Strongline's Make My Day third in intermediate.

We have new CHAMPION Strongline's Cute Kiss!
Strongline's Master of Disaster got result from his first official field trial test (cold game) - so happy about it!
Strongline's Ballade got her second CC being BOB and Group 4th - Congratulations to Manta & co!!

 31.5.2015 Mänttä all breed show
BOS & CC Strongline's Vagabond - congratulations to Huugo & CO!!

Varkaus International
Strongline's Master Of Disaster Res.CC and Res.CACIB and Strongline's Make My Day first CC

Strongline's Make My Day


9.5.2015 Mikkeli group show
BOB with CC - Strongline's Master of Disaster


Show news 9.5.2015
Strongline's Cute Kiss got second CC being BOS - congratulations to the owners!
Tampere International BOS & CC & CACIB Strongline's Master of Disaster


First of May show Strongline's Master of Disaster got his 3rd CC and BOS as her sister Strongline's Make My Day went to BB-3rd.


We want to congratulate our first hypo trained dog (aid for diabetes) -" Mimmi" Strongline's I Have A Dream and the owners!


21.3.2015 Lahti International

What a day - BOB Strongline's Quilda and BOS with CC my youngster Strongline's Master Of Disaster from junior class



Strongline's Vagabond did two clear rounds today and got his first agility certificate and is now in Class 2!

31.1.2015 Labrador Specialty

We were lucky winning BOS with Strongline's Mary Rose in Labrador Specialty!

18.1.2015 Ilomantsi

BOB with CC Strongline's Cute Kiss
Happy New Year 2015!!


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