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Year 2016 / Vuosi 2016

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11.12 News:
We had a nice weekend in Helsinki internationals 10-11.12:
Saturday BM 3 Master of disaster and bb4 Versace and saturday BM 3 Master of disaster and BM4 Money for nothing and both days we won the breeders class!


7.12 News:
Tampere group show BOS and CC S.Waltz from junior class!


3.12 News:
Princess Leia got another title this time Swedish junior winner 16!


9.11 News:
Herning INT Master of Disaster cc and Full Danish ch and Princess Leia Scandinavien junior winner -16 and Mary-Rose Danish Veteran winner -16!


30.10 News:
Lahti INT Quissy cc+reserve cacib and Versace reserve cc!

29.10 News:
Puppy & Veteran show BIS veteran Mary-Rose, class winner Viceguy!


24.10 News:
Seinäjoki INT BOB + CC + CACIB Quissy and BOS + CC + CACIB Money For Nothing under breeder judge Pia Itkonen!


12.10 News:
Great day in retriever speciality, BOS and BOB veteranMary-Rose, BM2 with a CC Rosco and Princess Leia BIS 2 puppy - not forgetting best breeders class!


6.9 News:
Lucky Lips BOB in labrador specialty under Lisa Weiss!


BOB puppy Princess Leia !


In Beetween BM 2 reserve cc:


20.8 News:
Viceguy got reserve CC in Kouvola. Versace got reserve CC in Heinola and Make My Day got last CC and is a new champion!


13.8 News:
Club show class winners Princess Leia + BOS puppy and Quissy + best youngster in show and Xantamaria!

7.8 News:
We have two new tracking champions: Cute kiss and Master of Disaster!

6.8 News:
Kuopio INT 2nd day: Rosco CC, BOB puppy Waltz and Mikkeli group show: BOS + CC to Rocktail!


5.8 News:
Kuopio INT 1st day: Hubba Bubba reserve cacib and Quickstep first cc!

kuopio_int kuopio_int

31.7 News:
Vagabond got sert today!


17.7 News:
Mäntsälä all breed show Rosco BM2 and reserve cc!


2.7 News:
Rantasalmi Rocktail bos and cc!


18.6 News:
BOS and first CC to Rocktail today at Karttula, congratulations!


12.6 News:
Mary-Rose (almost 10 years) was BOS and BOB-VET at specialty show under Mrs and Mr Rawlinson (entry 137). We also won best breeders class and got some nice placements.

Also Master Of Disaster got second first prize in field trial today (cold game) and open class is calling him!

Specialty show picture: Tiina-Loviisa Rönkkö

9.6 News:
Jämsä 4.6 BOS Concord and Jämsä 5.6 BOS Concord and BM2 for Money for Nothing with CC !

7.6 News:
Lucky us: Estonian Junior Winner 2016 Rocktail and Estonian champion Master of Disaster!

Highlight of the weekend was when Xantamaria got second first prize from open class from field trial (cold game), and now the highest class is calling her!

Picture: Matti Ahti

29.5 News:
In Beetween BOS at Iitti!

28.5 News:
Quissy BOS at Järvenpää all breed show!

8.5 News:
We have a new champion as Hubba Bubba was qualified in the field today!

2.5 News:
Tampere INT BOS Master of Disaster and reserve CC to his brother Money for Nothing.

24.4 News:
Saturday Money for Nothing BD4 under Riitta Niemelä.
Sunday BOS Master Of Disaster and BB3 Kissy under Paula Rekiranta.


7.4 News:
Lahti international BOS and CACIB Stronglines Master of Disaster, best junior Kissy and BB4th Quissy and best breeders class!

News: We have a new champion: Master of Disaster got his last cc in Korpilahti under Kati Heiskanen going bos and at the same show Concord was bob veteran and our breeders class won and got the honour prize.


News! What a great day in our main specialty: Master of Disaster got reserve cc under Nancy Arbuckle and Quantanamera went bos veteran under Sergio Scarpellini.


News: Happy to announce that labrador of the year 2015 is Stronglines Xantamaria, well done Miia and Ylva !



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